Titan's PvP Server Rules


  • 1st offense will be a written/verbal warning

  • 2nd offense will be a ban

  • Cheating/exploits are not allowed under any circumstances.

  • No placing shipyards behind/through an enemy ship.

  • Do not build bases in freeport, this is a no build zone! Clean up after yourself. Demolish structures after your ship is built and you're leaving freeport.

  • Powerstone Islands: Any structures/tunnels built to get to caves/boss spawns have to be left UNLOCKED. No obstructing PVE content. If caught violating this rule, structures will be destroyed.

  • Cagging is allowed for up to 24 hours. If you are caged for longer than 24 hours, contact an Admin. 

  • Admins are here to help, treat them with respect.

  • You're more than welcome to attack Admins/Admin bases. We like to PvP too :)

  • TitansPvP Trading Hub is off limits, do not attack. 


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